Patient 8: Diagnosis and Treatment Planning

54-year-old female

This 54-year-old female patient is an older patient of the practice but has stayed away due to fear. This is her first dental cleaning in many years. She presented with pain 2 weeks ago, which resulted in the extraction of number 24 (or 12 in the US). She has full-mouth telescopes with overdentures on both the top and bottom. Her lower telescope overdenture is broken in half but still fits tight. She is a very fearful patient but knows that she needs work done. Her tooth number 17 or (2 in the US) is now beginning to cause her pain. She has had both upper and lower dentures for 22 years. She has poor plaque control and rarely removes her dentures. Furthermore, she also has decay around some of the margins of her telescopes. Her medical history shows chronic conditions and medications to treat them.